The Future of Reformed Apologetics

Author and apologist K. Scott Oliphint joins host Brandon McLean Smith to discuss a new book,The Future of Reformed Apologetics. Addressing current debates and controversies within theological apologetics, Scott and Brandon review highlights from the eponymous 2023 conference at Westminster Theological Seminary and preview the thought provoking collection of essays from Scott, Vern Poythress, Christopher Watkin, James Anderson, Daniel Strange, Brian G. Mattson, David Owen Filson, and Nathan D. Shannon.

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Word & Spirit

This is the story of a theologian. A mild-mannered, but brilliant scholar whose cosmic, existential, and paradigm-shifting studies of God’s Word have helped Christians understand what God says about suffering and the gifts of the spirit, end times prophecy, and the origins of mankind.

It’s the story of how one man has spent his life exploring ancient paths that have led him, and us, to see Christ in a way that we may never have seen him before: as the resurrected redeemer of a broken and anxious world.

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Christianity & Liberalism

In 1923, the church in the United States was in a crisis. Modernist theology born in pre-War Europe now gripped a country experiencing vibrant technological and societal change. America in the “Roaring Twenties” was booming. Fashion was changing. Music was faster, louder. The cities were electric. For the first time, a person could fly non-stop from New York to Seattle. Mass produced cars, trucks, and tractors had replaced horses and wagons, and were transforming the landscape. Telephones and the advent of radio meant that information traveled faster than ever. 

Politics. Technology. Identity. Power. Science. Everything seems to be changing. So why not faith?

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Things Unseen

When theologian J. Gresham Machen died suddenly during a visit to North Dakota on New Year’s Day, 1937, he left unfinished one of the most innovative theological projects of his time.

For the last two years of his life, Machen had begun work on what he hoped would be an accessible four part introduction to Christian theology. Only, he wasn’t just writing. He was broadcasting. Throughout 1935 and 1936, WIP radio in Philadelphia broadcast 50 of Machen’s “little talks,” as he called them, introducing listeners to profound doctrines in a popular and exciting format.

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The Epistle to the Romans

In 1959, John Murray, a Scottish systematic theologian at Westminster Theological Seminary, published the first volume of his commentary on the book of Romans, one that John Piper would later call “the most beautiful commentary ever written.”

In more than 60 years since it first appeared, Murray’s commentary has changed the way scores of pastors and teachers read and teach the Bible, helping to draw many readers and congregations into deeper communion with their savior.

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The Pastor and the Modern World

In this companion series to the book The Pastor and the Modern World, host Peter A. Lillback and guests John Currie, K. Scott Oliphint, and Todd M. Rester discuss “Are We Really Secular?“, “The Heart of the Pastor and the Pulpit”, and “Gregory of Nazianzus: The Pastor as Physician of Souls”.

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Reformed Standards of Unity

Creeds and confessions are the banner of the church militant. They contain statements of doctrine that are to be believed, for knowledge unto godliness; and are to be confessed, for the ministry of the church unto the world. In this way, creeds and confessions are for each member of Christ’s body, and for the body as a whole.

In this podcast I chat with Dr. Peter Lillback about a project that he has been working for close to fifty years. Reformed Standards of Unity is a new volume that carries Christians down ancient paths, so that they might walk in today’s world with a living and confident faith. A church living in accord with these “standards of faith” is essential in the world today.

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