The Future of Reformed Apologetics: Collected Essays on Applying Van Til’s Apologetic Method to a New Generation

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Over his entire career, Cornelius Van Til urged the church to “take every thought captive” to the obedience of Christ. Van Til’s approach to a defense of Christianity was grounded and founded in the rich soil of Scripture. He was convinced that only Reformed theology was adequate to provide the “weapons” that are needed to accomplish the task of a Christian defense. How can we “destroy arguments and every loy opinion raised against the knowledge of God” in the twenty-first century? How do Van Til’s biblical and Reformed insights apply to the issues that are now confronting the church? Is Reformed theology still the best weapon for the church’s biblical defense? The Future of Reformed Apologetics features a collection of essays by James Anderson, Brian Mattson, Dan Strange, Scott Oliphint, Christopher Watkin, and more. Originally delivered at Westminster Theological Seminary during the 2023 Conference on Reformed Apologetics, this collection is written to encourage and equip you to defend the Christian faith, as it was “once for all delivered to the saints.”