Word and Spirit: Selected Writings in Biblical and Systematic Theology

Gaffin, Jr.,Richard B.

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Few Reformed theologians have exerted the influence in both the church and the academy that Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. has, shaping the theology and spiritual formation of generations of pastors and teachers. Until now, his most significant published works have been inaccessible to most theological readers, published in academic journals, denominational newsletters, and out of print festschrifts and essay collections. A decade in the making, Word & Spirit gathers Gaffin’s finest works of biblical and systematic theology and arranges them in a singular, organic whole that presents Gaffin’s thought and work as comprehensively and clearly as it ever has been. More than 40 essays, articles, and tracts have been compiled, including “The Usefulness of the Cross”, No Adam, No Gospel, “A Cessationist View,” and “The Work of Christ Applied”. This collection is a must-have for any student of theology.


“I am delighted to have these shorter writings of Richard Gaffin collected in one volume. To my mind, the eight chapters in Part One on the relationship of biblical and systematic theology are worth the price of the book. Gaffin there shows himself to be the true heir of Geerhardus Vos, a trustworthy Timothy to Vos’s Paul. These essays reveal both Vos and Gaffin to be ahead of their time in showing how biblical theology’s attention to redemptive-history provides a framework that coordinates the work of exegetes and theologians. These essays speak prophetically to our present situation in which biblical studies and systematics have come apart, often with disastrous results. I love Gaffin’s image of the systematic theologian as ‘custodial interpreter of Scripture.’ These shorter writings are a gift to the church “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).’”

Kevin J. Vanhoozer Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“David Garner and Guy Waters have blessed the church immensely. By collating the best of Dr. Gaffin’s writings into a single volume, they have presented us with nothing short of solid gold. What we have here is a treasure trove of biblical theology at its finest, rooted deeply in the Reformed tradition and intentionally aimed at the glory of God in Christ. This volume is sure to be a source of edification for many years to come.”

David Briones Associate Professor of New Testament, Westminster Seminary California

“I once found myself reading one of Gaffin’s shorter articles while simultaneously listening to him lecture on the same subject. It struck me how often a simple cross-reference in the article would receive extended exegetical analysis in the lecture. This is characteristic of Gaffin’s work: his subject is the grand history of God’s salvation, but his method is rigorous exegetical analysis. Thus, in a few short pages, Gaffin will show his readers the cosmic scope of God’s redemption while simultaneously guiding them ever deeper into his word.”

Thomas Keene Associate Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary